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Social Networking Magento Extension

Version: 1.0

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Social Networking module is the core tool if you wish to expand social awareness about your product or service via social networks. This extension will let your visitors share the wonderful experience with your service or product in most popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Magento Version

Community: 1.6.* - 1.9.*


It’s hard not to notice that Social Media Marketing is gaining momentum. It has reached the height when word of mouth in social networks has even bigger impact on sales and company image than regular marketing strategies. That’s why we developed a tool that makes your presence in social networks noticeable – Social Networking Magento Module!

Our Social Networking Extension lets website visitors’ login and register with the help of Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, Vkontakte or Twitter accounts. And this means more convenience for your clients!

Moreover, the module allows your website visitors share the page they liked in Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, LinkedIn, Vkontakte or Twitter. Just imagine what a big audience will be covered via 1 “Like” or twit! Be sure that the module will pay off sooner than you could imagine!

Social Networking Key Features:

  • Allow users to register and login with the help of Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, Vkontakte or Twitter accounts
  • Admin can switch on/off any of the services for the register/login page
  • Locate “Like” buttons on the product pages of the following networks: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Vkontakte or Odnoklassniki.
  • Admin can switch on/off any of the “Like” buttons for the product page
  • Easy installation
  • Open source
  • Compatibility with the latest versions of Magento (1.6+).

Bonus and Rewards Extension by CommerceLab – let your products be social!

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