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ModulesMagento is a professional e-commerce development company providing a full range of web services connected with Magento ecommerce solutions at competitive prices, as well as integration of powerful and easy-to-use Magento extensions.


We aim to establish long-term customer relationships based on trust and commitment to produce the best Magento development solutions.


All the efforts of our team are focused on the transformation of our experience in solving your business tasks. We always provide the highest quality services and offer the following to our customers:


Magento Extensions:


ModulesMagento represents a wide range of Magento modules and Magento extensions, the purpose of which is to increase the effectiveness of your online store.


We know at firsthand how important it is to create the most favorable conditions for your client to have the most appealing experience of buying goods in your store. Since the most valuable customer is the one that comes to your store again and again, all the tools of your site should work for you, and maximize its attractiveness in the eyes of the customer. The customer must feel "cared for" at each step. After all, the main task is to build such an environment and conditions, when the client will be happy to part with money in your store, and not in the store of your competitor. Therefore, our work is focused on those "little things" that will help your business to build just such conditions.


Magento offers a great functionality for e-commerce, which is enough to create an online store. And from the heights of our experience in Magento development and customization of Magento ecommerce solutions we can offer Magento modules which will clearly have a positive impact on your business.


It may seem that some minor improvements and modifications will not significantly affect the effectiveness of your resource in the foreseeable future. But we can clearly state that the use of Magento modules by ModulesMagento will surely bring your business good dividends in the future.


At the same time, our team is ready to offer you a set of Magento modules, which will add new functionality to your online store in terms of administration, as well as improvements of the current (standard) modules.


All our modules are universal, designed in accordance with Magento standards, and are suitable for most Magento versions.
We are confident that our experience in Magento development will be useful to your e-commerce business! You can get acquainted with our Magento developments here.


Custom solutions:


Our Magento developers have extensive experience with Magento development. Over the past 2 years they have been developing Magento-based sites of varying complexity. Moreover, our Magento developers can upgrade existing or create new Magento modules. We derive great pleasure from our achievements and Magento developments and are eager to offer even more sophisticated accomplishments on Magento!


Magento code allows to be adequately represented on the Internet. All in all, Magento is the best e-commerce platform these days. Magento products provide the widest range of tools to manage your magento ecommerce effectively. That’s what make Magento platform one of the kind!


ModulesMagento has implemented a lot of projects for Magento ecommerce. Our Magento developers can suggest and offer you the best solutions for your business objectives.


Our Magento development team offers the following services:

  • – terms of reference development fro your Magento project;
  • – development of your website on Magento platform;
  • – development of custom Magento modules for your needs;
  • – modifications of Magento modules;
  • – transition of your existing website onto Magento platform;
  • – transition of your current database;
  • – development of Magento design for your store.


Feel free to contact us directly or fill in Get a Price Quote Form with your request details for Magento development. Our sales managers will discuss with you all the details of your project and will provide you with exact time and cost estimates.