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Smart News Magento Extension

Version: 1.0

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Smart News Magento Extension gives you a noteworthy opportunity to communicate various news and happenings of your store to multiple website visitors. The ease of installation and management make this news extension the #1 choice for news publishing. You will hardly find any other Magento news module that would offer more settings than Smart News Extension.

Magento Version

Community: 1.4.* - 2.*
If you are looking for Magento 2 version, please follow this link

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Smart Magento News Extension enables website owners to seamlessly manage and publish all sorts of news with rich content. This news module gives the flexibility to communicate with visitors, publish news for a series of websites, make news items more interactive, socially-friendly and target-oriented. The introduced Search option lets visitors find the details of the news in question. And the myriad of setting options will help you tune the news extension right for the needs of your website.

Smart News Magento Extension Key Features:

  • The ability to set whether user should be logged in to see the news - New Feature
  • News search - New Feature
  • The ability to set whether News Category Block should be displayed only on News pages or on all pages - New Feature
  • The ability to set whether Latest News Block should be displayed only on News pages or on all pages - New Feature
  • The ability to use one url key for news from different stores - New Feature

  • Indicate multiple categories and negation in block parameters in WYSIWYG editor - New Feature
  • Set the date format according to customer needs - New Feature
  • Set news page and news item pages layout(1 column, 2 columns-right, 2 columns-left, 3 columns) - New Feature
  • Copy (duplicate) News Item - New Feature
  • The ability to switch between two View Modes of News Display: Grid and List - New Feature
  • The ability to set SEO parameters for every News Article and News Category and even use meta-variables like [title] or [description] in order to make a complex meta-data - New Feature
  • The ability to set News sorting parameters (news_date, created_at, updated_at, title, etc...) and direction (asc, desc) - New Feature
  • The ability to set Comments sorting by posted date direction (asc, desc) - New Feature
  • The ability to set if a category should display articles from all its subcategories or just its own articles (category anchor property) - New Feature
  • The ability to insert news as block with parameters in WYSYWIG-editor, such as {{block type="clnews/news" template="clsmartnews/list.phtml" category="CATEGORY_1_URL_KEY,CATEGORY_2_URL_KEY" mode="grid" itemslimit="NUMBER_OF_ITEMS_TO_DISPLAY"}} - New Feature
  • News articles are added into Google Sitemap - New Feature

  • Create news categories and their sub-categories
  • Bind each category to a particular store
  • Structural separation of news for a short and full description
  • Set a period of news publication (Publish From: Date, Hours, and Minutes; Publish until: Date, Hours and Minutes)
  • Set data on publishing (date/time/category)
  • Add photos for each news article – both to the short and full description
  • Set META-data for the news (keywords, description)
  • Leave comments on the news page
  • Set access parameters to leave comments
  • The option of approving/blocking comments
  • Ajax pager for easy switching between comments
  • Integration with social networks: Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Print version for every news for easy opportunity to print it out
  • RSS-feed for each news category
  • Usage of Magento WYSYWIG-editor for simple news editing
  • The ability to export News into CSV file

  • Easy installation
  • Open source
  • Compatibility with the latest versions of Magento.

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