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Smart SEO Magento Extension

Version: 1.0.0

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Smart SEO Extension is your door to the world of real clients. There is no reason to persuade you how important SEO for your web store is nowadays. With Smart SEO Extension you will be able to target your customers and get the desired purchases and deals.

Magento Version

Community: 1.4.* - 1.9.*


All your efforts in the attempt to create a profitable website will be in vain if you don’t do one thing – let your potential clients know about yourself!

The latter can be easily accomplished with Smart SEO Magento extension. We do guarantee this, since we’ve pulled all possible strings to create SEO promotion tool that really works: we’ve thoroughly studied current Magento SEO ability, market demand for SEO, as well as our own experience and professional consultations. And as a result we’ve created a tool that really works miracles.

Smart SEO Magento extension has only most effective and important features meant to maximize your sales and draw as many clients to your website as possible!

SEO Magento Extension Key Features:

  • Canonical URLs:
    1. Switch on/off Canonical URLs for any page
  • Robots META info:
    1. Set NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW robots meta tags for any page
  • Meta info rules:
    1. Specify metadata templates for products based on attributes for Product URL, Meta Title, Meta Keywords and Meta Description
    2. Specify a separator, which will be replacing the spaces in the title page
  • Magento Sitemap:
    1. Specify whether to display the list of categories in Sitemap
    2. Indicate whether to display a list of products in Sitemap
    3. Choose whether to display the CMS pages
    4. List of all CMS pages with the ability to select which to show
    5. The field to add additional pages for display
  • Google Sitemap:
    1. Add additional links
    2. The opportunity to set sitemap split size
    3. Ability to specify the maximum number of links for the sitemap
    4. Use images in the sitemap
    5. If the option “Add Canonical URL” is enabled, then use product Canonical URL in the sitemap
  • Rewrite URLs:
    1. Rename standard pages for local reasons (example: contacts → kontakt, catalogsearch → katalogsuche, etc...)
  • Usage of Schema.org on product page

  • Easy installation
  • Open source
  • Compatibility with the latest versions of Magento.

Smart SEO Extension by CommerceLab – let the world find you!

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