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Related Products Magento extension

Version: 1.0.0

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Related Products Magento extension from CommerceLab allows you to increase your sales! Each user, being on the product page, will be able to see a list of similar products. Moreover, you can set the rules that form the list of related products all by yourself!

Magento Version

Community: 1.4.* - 1.9.*


All website owners are searching for the efficient solution that would increase their sales. CommerceLab has such a solution at hand! It’s Related Products Magento module. The extension allows adding a separate box with similar products on every website’s product page. This way the visitor grasps the whole range of products and already can’t abandon your website that easily. With Related Products Magento module you can add an unlimited number of products to the related products box, which doesn’t require page reload. Doesn’t the module provide excellent sales opportunities? Hurry to try them!

CommerceLab - let your business become more related!

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