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Move Blocks Magento Extension

Version: 1.0.0

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Move Blocks Magento extension allows you to customize a standard layout of sidebar blocks. You together with your customers will have an excellent opportunity to customize the location of blocks on a page. You should just drag the block with the mouse, and it will change position without page reload. So give your clients more opportunities with the Move Blocks Magento Module!

Magento Version

Community: 1.3.2 - 1.7.*


It’s always a pleasure for a website owner to have a positive feedback for his Magento ecommerce site in the form of impressive sales figures or simple words of appreciation from website visitors. To some, it might seem that it’s enough to fill a website with some relevant content and that’ll set the deal. However, only knacks can make your website more appealing. One of such website boosters is our Move Blocks Magento Extension. What’s so nice about it? The module can:

  • Change the order and location of standard (sidebar) blocks;
  • "Remember" a location for the logged users and restore it next time they enter the site.

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