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Smart Magento News Extension Now in Store!


Website news is the first and only sign that shows company’s credibility. Let’s think: if the website introduces the latest company activities, it means the company is live and can be trusted. Otherwise, the visitor is likely to close the browser tab.

Now, we have released Smart Magento News Extension that will help you not just display company news, but do it in an interactive, convenient and extended manner.

It gives you the flexibility to:

  • create rich news items with SEO adjustments

  • differentiate between new and logged in customers

  • arrange different news layouts

  • schedule news

  • easily display the same news on several websites you own

  • … and set its work just like your website needs it.

 We’ve gathered all the noteworthy practices of news placement, analyzed what works best and finally created this news module for your website. You will hardly find any other Magento news extension that would be that flexible and that enjoyable!

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