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Extensive Magento Development Services from CommerceLab

CommerceLab is well known provider of professional Magento development services at the global scale. Our company has a wide range of ready-to-use Magento products, a set of package services for Magento website creation, as well as custom development and integration services at competitive prices.

Our primary goal is to achieve long-term sustainable relationships with our potential and existing customers and deliver innovative Magento service that has no rivals.

With our customers in mind, we strive to deliver solutions that would solve business tasks of various nature. Our extensive Magento development services include module design and custom project development.

All – in – One Magento Development Packages

If you want to get a fully-operating Magento website within short deadlines and limited budget, ordering All-in-One Magento development package would be the best choice! Once you opt for it, we take up all the worries and perform a set of actions to set up a website from scratch. We will:

  • Arrange a dedicated team of developers and designers to work on your project
  • Set up hosting
  • Install and tune all necessary modules and extensions
  • Integrate Magento Theme, Custom design or Create design depending on the Magento Development Package
  • Test website performance before final launch
  • Provide the chosen support hours after website launch

All in all, the chosen package will be a quick and easy solution to what might have taken months. We have several packages that differ in the number of provided services. So you will definitely find the package that best suits you.

Our Magento Service Has a Wide Range of Modules on Offer

CommerceLab is happy to introduce a great number of Magento modules and extensions that are bound to increase business success of your online store.

Our team is well aware of the importance of customer’s comfort. And we do know how important it is to create all necessary conditions for your visitors to have unforgettable experience in your online store. All the website elements should be pleasant to the eye and touch of your customers, let them feel “cared for” and thus make them want come back to your store again and again. As business entrepreneurs ourselves, we know that your website should become a Mecca for your customers where they would give out money with utter pleasure. With this in focus, we pay a great deal of attention to the slightest details that help create such an atmosphere.

On your way of improving the website we are ready to offer easy-to-install and ready-to-use Magento modules and extensions, together with customization and modification services.

Magento modules on offer comply with international Magento standards and thus are compatible with all Magento versions. Our team can well assure you that we have just enough experience to provide professional Magento web development of any complexity level. Doubt? Look through our latest achievements and samples of Magento service here.

Offshore dedicated teams

Our offshore dedicated team is the most appealing solution for companies in need of extending their in-house development capacity without the overheads of additional direct manpower and infrastructure resources. It is also a good solution for start-ups looking for lower costs and high quality solutions provided by real Magento experts.

CommerLab offers offshore dedicated teams service for different companies all over the world. We provide professional Magento developers, PHP programmers, designers and project managers with the needed skills and experience who will be working in a dedicated office space solely on your project. We establish Magento offshore dedicated teams from scratch with professional methodology and management in mind.

We will be happy to set up a team for your business success!

Custom Magento Development Services is What We Do Best

Our team of developers comprises of specialists with extensive experience in Magento technologies. We have been developing Magento based websites of various complexity over the past 2 years. That included development from scratch and upgrade of existing Magento modules and extensions. Truth to be told, we take in great pleasure from what we achieve and what we see after all the hard work is done. That motivates us to move forward and create even more complex and innovative Magento solutions.

It goes without saying that Magento is the best e-commerce platform for online stores these days. It is not a simple CMS, but a set of effective tools to manage an online store in the most profitable manner. That’s what differs it from other platforms.

Knowing this, we have accomplished a number of successful projects on Magento platform. That’s all thanks to our Magento developers who possess quite an extensive experience and a loving attitude to Magento platforms.

If interested, look through Magento development services our developers can deliver for you. The list is bound to amaze you:

  • we create Magento websites turnkey
  • our team can design a custom Magento module specially for your needs
  • we can customize existing modules and extensions
  • we’ll transfer your existing website onto Magento platform with ease
  • we are ready to dig into your database and tune it to Magento
  • our designers are waiting for the right time to sketch a modern design for your online store

Magento Has it All for Your Online Business

In its depths Magento has great potential which with the right skills and right people can easily be used for the benefit of your online store. Our team has both the right people with right skills that can be used just to improve your business position. The improvement can go well from the slightest details like Magento modules to major website development. Our custom Magento service is ready to cover any demand and invest into your future prosperity.

So, don’t hesitate to contact us or Get a Free Price Quote for your specific details. We will readily study your requirements and offer a working solution within the set budget and deadline. We are looking forward to interesting and productive cooperation.