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  • Currently Magento ecommerce appears to be the definite leader among other platforms for electronic commerce. Once in the light in 2008, Magento products managed to achieve great success incredibly quickly.
    The author of this platform is the American company Varien, which long ago (established in 2001) enjoys the reputation a reliable and quality manufacturer in the market of electronic commerce.

    What are the advantages of Magento ecommerce, and what can it offer today?

    • Open Source. Magento code can be managed by any developer to customize Magento products upon specific needs.
    • Simple Installation. You can enjoy easy and quick installation of your Magento modules
    • Multiple Magento Modules. There is a huge number of free and paid Magento modules and Magento extensions.
    • Fully Object-Oriented Architecture.  Magento products are based on Zend Framework.
    • Use of all available opportunities of PHP 5. Magento products are compatible with brand new technologies, PHP 5 including.
    • Ease of integration with external componentsMagento products and Magento modules are designed to be easily integrated with various external components, thus improving your website capabilities.
    • Tips from professional Magento developers. There is a large community Magentocommerce.com, where you can always get an answer to any question relating your Magento development experience.