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Magento Development by CommerceLab

Once the decision making process is over and you’ve made up your mind to run online business with Magento, other logical issues start arising. And the first one is – how to run the website in such a way that it could bring the desired income and customer recognition? Vague answers might come from here and there, but they are unlikely to satisfy your needs. What will really help is a professional that really knows Magento from inside out. And that would be CommerceLab.

Our company delivers complex turnkey Magento development. Our developers and designers are ready to guide you step by step from the dawn of your e-commerce till it sparks brightly among other websites. Our Magento services are diverse and include thorough data analysis and study of your business processes. Based on the received data, we come up with a custom solution that would do a trick just for you!

Thus, what we do not only concerns the technical issues of your online store, but also covers its fundamental aim – earn money for you at ease!

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Custom Magento Development is Easier Done than Thought

Believe it or not, but Magento has all the prerequisites to modify the standard features into custom even more sophisticated version. With it you can change Magento insides (change the code, develop a custom design and layout, etc) as well as integrate your website with other services and plug-ins (e.g. social networks, database integration, etc.).

Not all Magento users bother themselves to study available Magento capabilities and use them to the fullest. But our team of developers excels in this. All our team members have in-depth knowledge of Magento code and can well work with the platform. The past 2 years have been especially busy for us. We both worked on creating Magento modules and All-in-One Magento Packages for sale, as well as participated in custom Magento development of different complexity and nature. And as it turned out, we were both successful and satisfied with what we did!

Not only does Magento provide a working solution for internet business, but also enables custom Magento development and modification. No surprise, since by all estimates Magento is the best platform for successful online business. With all its expected features, Magento also allows you to successfully manage internet sales.

Magento development delivered by our team of professionals:

  • design and develop Magento-based websites from scratch
  • develop custom Magento modules and extensions
  • modify Magento extensions per customer’s needs
  • customize Magento default features
  • transfer your existing website from any other platform to Magento
  • install and upgrade the latest Magento version on your website
  • install Magento modules on your hosting website
  • transfer current database to the website
  • prepare design for your Magento store
  • integrate payment gateways (e.g. 2Checkout, DIBS etc.)
  • and much more...

Additionally, we are ready to discuss any other Magento development and modification that might be necessary for your website. If you are interested, contact us at info @ commerce-lab.com or fill in Get a Price Quote Form with your requirements, needs and vision. Our tem will promptly review your request and contact you shortly for further discussion and cooperation.