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Overview of Magento Products by CommerceLab

Welcome to the best store selling Magento modules on the Internet. Here you can find the most popular Magento modules and extensions, which will help you to build your own Magento-based website. You can also order Magento custom modules, Magento designs and Magento extentions, which will definitely suit your needs. In addition, we provide help creating a site on the best open source e-commerce platform - Magento! Let’s jointly make the process of shopping online easier and more pleasant! CommerceLab will gladly assist you with this!

CommerceLab is a leader in the design and development of Magento modules and Magento extensions. Based on years of experience with Magento code, we have accumulated a large store of knowledge and experience in implementing complex and interesting eCommerce solutions. The aim of our work has always been to provide quality service, which would result in the success of our clients.

Magento products provide a wide range of opportunities for your Magento ecommerce business. And we do know how to take advantage of these opportunities, as well as improve them for you to become the leader in your field.

Working with Magento code for over 2 years, we have faced the fact that our clients often require improvements or enhancements of some Magento modules and Magento design. We’ve noticed that the business objectives of our clients are not always covered by standard Magento extensions. That is why we’ve decided to create a resource where we could share our experience in improving the standard and creating new Magento custom modules.

Moreover, our goal is to present only the best and really demanded Magento modules and extensions on this website. These are the modules, which will enhance and simplify the work of both programmers engaged in Magento development, as well as the owners of existing online stores.
Located geographically in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, we have the ability to communicate with Magento developers and take their invaluable experience in the implementation of Magento ecommerce stores, as well as Magento modules and Magento extentions.

We will gladly share with you our experience and offer you only high quality and popular Magento products and services.